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Blogapalooza turns 5!

Blogapalooza recently celebrated its 5th year as an influencer marketing company in the Philippines and although the BlogaTeam & BlogaFam are currently under community quarantine, a virtual celebration was held to mark the special occasion.

#BlogaTurns5 was a week long celebration where Blogapalooza had a birthday blowout to the online community. Free consultations were given to brand partners and influencers who belong to the BlogaFam community were given the chance to receive free ice cream and burger vouchers, as well as free online workout sessions. The community also shared their favorite Blogapalooza moments on Instagram & Twitter to celebrate 5 years of elevating influence! The first #BlogaLive episode was also held on our birthday with a special guest, Atty. Ralph Calinisan. The live Q&A gave the chance for our community to ask their concerns about the proposed bills on taxation for influencers/bloggers. There was also a giveaway at the end of the BlogaLive where 10 lucky viewers were able to win vouchers! 🧡



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