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Blogapalooza Launches #InfluencerPreneur Program for Influencers

As the Philippines' Premiere Influencer Marketing Company, it is our goal to not only help businesses achieve their marketing goals, but to also empower our content creators all over the country. This is why we came up with a program to help our content creators #ElevateInfluence in our community. What is the #InfluencerPreneur Program?

The #InfluencerPreneur Program aims to groom and hone the community in becoming an influencerpreneur.! A series of exclusive online classes and business immersion with the help of industry leaders would .help influencers sharpen their skills & knowledge, and professionalize content creation. Check out the modules for the program below:

During the program, influencers can connect with other content creators and grow their network through the community! They will also have an opportunity to work with numerous brands!😊

Joining our #InfluencerPreneur program gives content creators professional recognition and growth as an influencer. If you are interested to join our program then sign up now, Blogafam!


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