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Blogamomma's message for 2024

Hello, Blogafam!

Welcome to the wonderful year of 2024! I can tell that this will be a year full of hope and positive energy. I see how your energies in 2023 have been very much alive – we had many events, activities, and opportunities here and there for a great majority of you. As your Blogammoma, I can proudly say that the glory days of being a content creator are really upon us. With that, I’m ready to share a decade’s worth of experience summarized into three fail-proof tips that would ensure your growth as a creator.

One: Never stop learning. The most successful people I know across different industries are all learners. They always find ways to enhance and improve what they already know. Stay humble and teachable; be like a sponge. I hope that all of us will get to bring this “learning energy” moving forward to the rest of this year.

Two: Your network matters. Being part of a community of like-minded individuals that would really push you to be better, is very important. They say, you are the average of the people that you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with people that would help bring out the best in you. And I hope you could also be that person that will improve the lives of other people.

Three: Never be afraid to ask for help. It’s wonderful to be part of something new and fast-growing. Let’s help one another make this industry flourish even more. You ask for help when you need, and provide help when you can.

With these fail-proof tips, you will be able to take part in our mission to #elevateinfluence. The Blogateam has come up with numerous opportunities for you at the Bloga Creator Hub to apply these tips and embark on your Content Creator journey to #elevateinfluence.

The Bloga Creator Hub, which opened last June of 2023, is the country's first brand-powered collaboration hub for creators and influencers.

When you go to the BCH, you get to meet creators like you and maybe collaborate on some things with them together. 

Look out for these activities:

Or you can simply just visit the beach and co-work with us! :) The internet is super high-speed and powered by PLDT. Plus, we have beautiful furniture from Muebles Italiano. The country's first Sleep Studio by Uratex is also here for your aesthetic content. Sometimes, different brands come in to sponsor snacks, which you can get for free. Who knows, you could be featured in our next BlogaPlay episode or invited to upcoming Community Events, like BlogaCares.

The BlogaTeam and I are so excited to make a lot of things happen this 2024! :) I sincerely hope I get to meet more of you, BlogaFam. I'm really interested to get to know you. I want to know about your journey. I want to know about your dreams, and I want to be there to help you make it happen. 

Kita Kita sa BCH, everybody! Happy New Year again, and always remember to #ElevateInfluence.

With love, 

The Blogamomma

CEO, Ace Gapuz


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