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Birthday Bash: A Festive Approach to Brand Awareness

At Blogapalooza, we enjoy celebrating our BlogaFam birthdays every month! It’s an evening full of games and activities for Creators to connect, collaborate, and create with other Influencers in the community. Last September, we introduced a new and creative method for our brand partners to acquire User-Generated Content – the Birthday Bingo.

Each brand affiliated with Bloga Creator Hub has assigned content that Creators are required to create and publish. To achieve success, Creators must post all eight content and tag the brand partner for each one.

Throughout the activity, we display a legend on the screen to help our Creators categorize each piece of content according to the corresponding brand partner.

A compilation of User-Generated Content from September, October, and November Birthday Bash.

Our Birthday Bash is a monthly event and we can expect to see a surge of fresh and unique content stemming from the Birthday Bingo activity, which will embody the key characteristics of User-Generated Content: authenticity, creativity, and brand-specificity. The Birthday Bingo is a useful tool for brands hoping to reach a wider audience. By encouraging influencers to share their experiences, brands can add a human touch to their products. The User-Generated Content that results from the Birthday Bingo is highly relatable – as viewers see people similar to themselves using a product, they are more likely to purchase it.

Discover the power of User-Generated Content for your brand with Blogapalooza! We invite you to collaborate with our monthly Bloga Creator Hub Birthday Bash and join our Birthday Bingo activity. This is the perfect opportunity to explore User-Generated Content. For more information, contact us at



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