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Beyond the Followers: The Secret to Working with Brands

Many believe that having a lot of followers is the golden ticket to brand partnerships. But is it really that simple? Although having a large number of followers is important, brands also consider other factors when evaluating influencers. They want to see the complete picture, not just one aspect of it.


Every follower on social media represents a real person with individual interests, thoughts, and a genuine connection to the content they engage with. It's like a giant digital family where each number signifies a unique member with a story.

Brands and Followers

Brands realize that having a large number of followers is not the only thing that matters. They're beginning to see the impact of genuine engagement - actual conversations, authentic connections, and a sense of community. Interestingly, this is something that Blogamomma mentioned in her message earlier this year.

Creators and Followers

Creators see the difference between a highly engaged following and a large number of following. As a creator, it's crucial to balance growing the number of your followers with staying true to your identity. Building a personal connection with your viewers is key to achieving this balance. By sharing your values and experiences, you can create a strong bond with your audience, leading to engagement and loyalty.


Creators and brands have a common understanding that numbers are important, but they are not everything. Both are on a journey towards trust and community. We should take a moment to appreciate the creators who remain genuine, the brands that share meaningful stories, and the followers who bring liveliness to the online world.

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