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Always-on Influencer Marketing

A long term approach on influencer marketing is not common as brands would usually opt for one-off campaigns that would run for a few weeks or even just a few days. However, as the consumer behavior is changing, more and more businesses are moving away from campaign-based influencer marketing and are now shifting to an always-on strategy. Brands are finding more success with a long term approach in influencer marketing rather than one-off campaigns.

But what exactly is an always-on strategy? Basically, an always-on influencer marketing is establishing a consistent brand presence on social media via the influencers that your target audience follows and trusts. The whole point of this strategy is to make sure that you appear in your consumers' feeds during those critical moments and to do the groundwork over time to ensure you are top of mind when that purchasing window arrives. With a very low brand loyalty in these difficult times, it will take multiple touches to convert customers nowadays. Recently, we created a 12-month long influencer campaign that aims to build brand and product awareness, and promote provincial branches through regional influencers. We might have worked with micro influencers, but the results were beyond our expectations. With a long term campaign, they were able to promote all the new products that were launched over the year along with all the monthly promotions for the brand. Because the influencers are treated as long-term partners, this gives them a greater responsibility and would be more invested in helping your brand achieve your goals. We observed that with an always-on strategy, they were able analyze their content to see which works for the brand and could then improve their content for the next series of posts.

The influencers are also happy with an always-on strategy because since they work for a brand longer, they are able to build a more credible image to their audience. This is also good for the brand as the audience would find the content as authentic and trustworthy.

Overall, we see the always-on influencer marketing as the latest trend in the industry and as more and more brands are dipping into influencer marketing, it's always a good idea to stay ahead of the curve. Remember that with the right strategy and partners, influencer marketing has a great potential to create an extraordinary halo effect on other marketing channels, so by failing to give it a meaningful place within your marketing mix you will generally be waving goodbye to some of its greatest benefits. If you're interested to improve your brand's #InfluencerMarketing always-on strategy then feel free to send us an e-mail at 😀



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