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A New Way to Shop: Payments in Chat on Instagram 

You can now make purchases from small businesses directly in chats on Instagram!

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a new payment feature in a chat with Jawsurf on Instagram. According to Instagram, they wanted to help people start conversations with businesses they care about and help them find and buy products they love in an easy, seamless experience, right from the chat thread.

Source: In chats with qualified small businesses, you can ask questions, make a purchase and track your order. You’ll now be able to make purchases without leaving the chat and use Meta Pay. In the same thread, businesses will be able to confirm purchases, create payment requests and collect payment.

With this new update, it will allow more customers to shop directly on the platform and can help boost the sales of many businesses with a digital storefront. Implications of this would be the increase of digital advertising especially influencer marketing. With the help of influencers and content creators promoting the products and tagging the brand on platform, customers would be easily directed to the brand's accounts and can simply purchase immediately on Instagram chat.

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