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A Cultural Exchange where K-POP and P-POP Share One Big Stage—KWAVE, the next music festival to watch out for!

The biggest sportainment event where K-pop and P-pop meet on one stage is happening in the heart of Clark, Philippines! Get ready for an exciting music stage and performances as we bring the grand finale of the badminton sports tournament with Badminton Asia Closing Ceremony KWAVE Music Festival!

Back-to-back with this sports tournament happening before, Badminton Asia Closing Ceremony KWAVE Music Festival will serve as the most exciting stage of the year with its fusion of culture from Asian countries.

KWAVE is a music festival event that creates space for the cultural exchange of Asian countries, especially South Korea and the Philippines. A music festival where artists from these countries get to share one spectacular stage. A show of different artist performances and F&B booths are prepared for this unforgettable memory-making event.

With the Badminton Asia Closing Ceremony KWAVE Music Festival, fusion of K-pop and P-pop is about to happen! The lineup includes astounding artists from South Korea, such as Fromis_9, and the ultimate performers, THE BOYZ. Second line-up will be announced this March 18, 2024. Artists from the Philippines will also lit up the stage! Groups produced by Tatang Robin, the producer of the biggest boy group in the Philippines, are also coming to create a fantastic performance for you — we’ll have PLUUS and YGIG. With these K-pop and P-pop groups, an amazing fusion of music and culture is waiting to happen in one spectacular stage.

But this is only the first roster of artists, because there’s Wave 2 for the line-up! There are top-tier K-pop artists coming from South Korea, and of course, names of P-pop artists from the Philippines.

These amazing artists are scheduled to perform at the KWAVE Music Festival happening on May 11, 2024 at the New Clark City Stadium, Philippines.

This event is made possible by Badminton Asia Closing Ceremony KWAVE Music Festival Organizer, Ms. Meeyon Kim (Karry) of SDG Marketing Korea, while Show Biz Town Inc. (SBTown), as led by Mr. Geong Seong Han, and Ms. Kathleen Dy-Go of Universal Records, serves as the production partner for the event.

As the biggest sportainment event in the Philippines, Badminton Asia Closing Ceremony KWAVE Music Festival aims to break cultural walls and become one through music. With the cultural exchange of the sports spirit and music experience of both South Korea and Philippine culture, we hope to be united with music. Together, let’s share the fusion of fun, excitement, and thrill of this tournament and music festival stage!

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As kpop and Ppop fan! I can't wait! 🫶😍

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