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5 Incredible Ways To Provide Comfort & Create Meaningful Moments

The founders and leaders of Uratex/RGC Group of Companies believe in the vital role of corporate social responsibility. The home of the heritage brand, Uratex, gives back to the communities through civic and sustainability projects.

As a socially responsible organization, the 25 factories and 18 showrooms of Uratex/RGC Group mobilize advocacy efforts in their respective local communities. In this article, the 55-year-old enterprise recommends 5 incredible ways to provide comfort and create meaningful memories for the stakeholders.

  1. Offer high-quality products and services

Maintaining and improving the overall quality of products and services builds a positive reputation. It makes stakeholders happy and satisfied which eventually turns into loyalty and trust.

  1. Listen to customers

Get the feedback of stakeholders, particularly customers and consumers who can help the business enhance its practices, production, and policies. Do not ignore any feedback and acknowledge their effort in sending their feedback.

  1. Engage stakeholders in community projects

Encourage the stakeholders to get involved in community projects. Tap the local government units to support its implementation. Sharing of resources is also one way to engage them.

  1. Promote environmentally friendly practices

Sustainability projects like tree planting activities and renewable energy adoption must be widely promoted inside and outside the organization. Raising public awareness is key to creating a societal impact.

  1. Respond to fire and disaster emergency

Helping the local communities in times of fire and disaster emergencies can make a big difference. It can be in the form of sending relief donations and fire volunteers.

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