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Micro-influencers still reign supreme in 2022

As we usher in 2022, it is predictable that more brands will jump into the influencer marketing bandwagon, working with content creators and influencers to remain relevant to their audiences. Executive buy-in is not anymore a problem for most marketing teams given the general acceptance of influencer marketing as an important part of the digital marketing pie. Marketing budgets will be appropriated for influencer marketing campaigns, which will then give rise to the demand for influencer agencies, influencer marketing platforms, and influencer managers. As the influencer marketing industry gains further traction, marketers must prepare for what will most likely lie ahead for the rest of the year. That is why we conducted a study about the latest trends in the industry.

In this study, you'll understand why now is the best time to elevate successful collaborations with micro-influencers. Learn what are the most predicted trends in influencer marketing and how content creators feel towards them. Get a free copy here! #InfluencerMarketing #Influencer #MicroInfluencers #InfluencerMarketingPH



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