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Influencers will niche down further to build a much stronger community

Every creator is working on scaling down their niche according to what interests them, not just to build expertise but also because it helps enhance personal branding. However, with increasing competition, one has to get more creative with content to ensure one stands out. As a result, certain niches are becoming even more split, such as fashion and finance .

Creators with a strong community are seen as knowledgeable product users, and role models within niche communities across social media. Most importantly, these influencers are powerful advocates for the brands and products they love.

2023 Trend Prediction: Due to the change in the paid marketing landscape, there will be continues skew towards influencer and content marketing and here are a few things we'll see more of.

1. Companies will start diversifying between influencer sizes and platform because of the higher demand for more authentic short form content

2. There will be more and more people asking for engagement metrics and this is something that can be a challenge as the algorithm makes it harder for creators.

3. Influencers will start to build more of their own communities, platforms and other ways to monetize due to the changes in ad revenues.

These trends have been starting since the change in apple privacy settings. After talking to several marketers, the threat of ROI dropping even further as google becomes cookieless is there. That is why they are starting to employ different strategies

1. Have you seen Netflix run ads on their accounts? No right? Instead they do talk worthy stunts and they actually boost organic content about the shows

2. Many brands are seen to be competing for large facebook group influencers like Home Buddies, Let's Eat Pare or even more niche ones like FH Moms and Glamo Mamas

3. We are slowly seeing creators doing their own thing to monetize (e.g. E-commerce stores like,, or online community membership like,

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