Bloggers Meet Future Clients And Advertisers.

We connect Businesses and Bloggers directly, helping lower costs for Businesses and increase profit and give new up for the Bloggers. Organizing events that stimulate interaction and publicity for businesses and things to feature for Bloggers.

We help your business gain exposure thru our community of Bloggers and Online Influencers. Improve your branding and reach online!

Bloggers / Influencers
We can help you gain direct access to advertisers and sponsors. Get up-to-date information from the source and get more benefits from your blog!

We can help you expose your brand to our community of Bloggers and Online Influencers. Get the right blogging exposure that you need!

Blogapalooza is a community of Bloggers and Online Influencers wanting to feature and connect with Businesses

Blogapalooza started in 2011 with an annual Blogapalooza event that run for a day. It was an invite only event that only Bloggers and Businesses can attend. The rule was simple, Businesses present their products / services and build relationships with the Bloggers, while Bloggers get to see what’s new and network with Businesses to make deals happen.

The idea came about as there are too many blogger events each day, it would be hard for a Business to prepare an event and invite bloggers to their event (effort-wise, cost-wise, attendance-wise). So when we pool together the most interesting products and services and invite Bloggers, it saves them time and money (transportation, etc.) and gets them access to numerous Businesses. While Businesses enjoy high attendance rates of Bloggers and a very good number to tap.

Blogapalooza Events are composed of a Interesting Business Presentations, Entertainment, Trade Shows and Networking. Our events are always well attended and has always reached our target number (if not more) and promise to Businesses and Sponsors. We intend to improve this as we do more and more events in the future.

Step 1: Businesses present their products or services to the Bloggers directly (via Booth / Show / Activities)

Attendees include Influential Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebook Influencers and media outlets and place them all into one place to experience your product or service. We screen and pick influencers and pickout businesses that will be presenting to them. Presenting products or services can be done via Stage Time and thru the Businesses’ respective booths.

Step 2: Influential Bloggers and Online Influencers blog / post / tweet about the Freebies / Event / Networking with Businesses and influence their readers / visitors

Bloggers will receive a giveaway or promotional item from each Business to be able to review it. The main idea is to have them really experience something to ensure they are able to write about it honestly. Bloggers usually blog about the event (with mentions on sponsors and key highlights), as well as, the reviews that they do for each product / service they receive.

Meet the Management Team

Ace Gapuz
Managing Director
Ace is an entrepreneur and a marketing & public relations specialist. She is also an advocate of financial literacy and aims to educate people about money, businesses, and investing through her podcast, Wise Cash.

Vince Golangco
Business Director
Vince is the CEO and Editor in Chief of the top online magazine, WhenInManila.com. He’s also a professional events Host and a former radio DJ.

Francis Simsim
Business Director
Francis is currently the CEO of Social Light Inc, the company that pioneered Social WiFi in the Philippines. He’s also the Co-Founder of WhenInManila.com.

Why Bloggers Should Join

The Blogapalooza community gains a lot by helping each other out.
Here are great reasons why you should join Blogapalooza.


Why Bloggers Should Join

The Blogapalooza community gains a lot by helping each other out. Here are great reasons why you should join Blogapalooza.
Find Advertisers / Sponsors
We’d love to make you a full-time Blogger or, at least, get benefits of your Blog. We connect you straight with Advertisers / Sponsors who are looking to work with Bloggers with their campaigns.
Meet Fellow Bloggers
Meet Fellow Bloggers
Get to meet fellow bloggers! Know the people behind the blogs and make new friends and network. Make new Blogger friends offline and online!
Save Money
Save Money
It’s hard enough that you have to run your Blog, but to travel to different places and events would cost you a lot in transportation fees. By merging Business events under one venue, you save time and money!
Freebies & Samples
Aside from interacting with Businesses, they give out freebies and samples to help you review or feature them better. So expect a lot of freebies when you attend.
Be Updated
Be Updated
It’s about getting the latest information from Businesses on their new products or services. Be the first to break the news, and help get more visits to your Blog!
Save Time
Save Time
Imagine being able to cover a lot of Businesses in one day and under one roof! This saves your precious time of traveling to different locations and allows you to have more time in Blogging.


Why Businesses Should Join

Here are great reasons why your Business should join Blogapalooza Events and Activities.

Save Money
Save Money
We connect you with Bloggers directly which cuts commission fees, as well as, we are able to organize the event for you at a fraction of the cost with the volume of bloggers!
Save Money
Save Time
If organizing your own Blogger event is time consuming enough, contacting Bloggers one by one could really kill your time. We take care of all that for you.
Better Attendance
Better Attendance
By mixing interesting brands together, Bloggers save time covering a lot of Businesses under one venue and can make it interesting enough for them to attend.
Promote Your Brand
Promote Your Brand
Being able to promote in front of numerous Influential Bloggers can truly leverage your brand to your target market. Reviews truly make an impact to a customer’s purchasing decision.
Network with Bloggers
Network with Bloggers
Talk to the real person behind the Blog, get to know them and build relationships that benefit both sides. Remove barriers in communication and have a better first step forward!
Get their Interest
Get their Interest
We find ways to make the events more interactive and personalized which makes it really interesting to Bloggers. To truly catch a Blogger’s heart, it has to be, first, be interesting for them.


Frequently Asked Questions


Zero, nada… Never, we don’t charge the Bloggers to join. It’s always free for any Blogger to join our community.
No, we are very open about this, we don’t force Bloggers to blog about every Business you meet but rather blog about the Businesses that you actually like.
Blogapalooza events are usually composed of several Businesses that want to promote to you. The event is composed of a Business presentation / show, booths and networking (Other minor events include raffle, games etc.) . So you can watch the show and watch Businesses tell you more about their products / services while their booth serves as a way for you to ask more questions, interact and network with them further.
Bloggers we look for are active ones and with a monthly visitor of at least 10,000. We do consider 10,000 visits or lower but the main thing is the ones that write passionately or meaningfully and can add value to a Business.
We understand that for security reasons, you’d like to have someone accompany you. For some occasions that we announce, it may be allowed. But, since we always account for the visitors, we do have to be strict on the number of people attending hence it wouldn’t be allowed.
Please await our post in the News Section when we post the Bloggers invited to the event.
No, we expect an honest review whether good or bad about the products and services. Businesses are briefed about this beforehand.


We allow any legal Business to join Blogapalooza, however, we do go thru a screening process to find the most interesting products and services as we have limited slots and to make the event more interesting and effective for you.
Being Bloggers ourselves, we know that Bloggers always want to be the first to break the news on the new and interesting products and services. Businesses have to apply here, and would be contacted further for more information. The organizers shall screen all Businesses and get back to those that are chosen.
We encourage Businesses to only promote 1 product / service (or as few as possible) if possible, this is to ensure that there’s focus and less confusion to Bloggers when they feature you. We want Bloggers to remember you once they leave the event and be able to blog about it better.
Unfortunately, Blogapalooza pricing varies from event to event. So please do contact us to get more information about the current or upcoming events. Rest Assured, the prices are very reasonable and affordable.
We would regularly be updating our News section and will be publishing the Blogs that are invited to the event.
Bloggers help Businesses in 4 ways:
  1. Exposure to their thousands, if not millions, of readers and fans (Blog, Social Media, Contests, etc.)
  2. Influence the Buyers’ Decision Making Process
  3. Establish Trust and Credibility
  4. Get SEO and other Online Marketing Benefits
What’s great all this is that, a blog post stays up forever and as it is up longer, the more exposure you get.
We cannot force Bloggers to blog about your Business, the general rule is that they can blog honestly about the Businesses that they like. We feel that this open rule helps both Businesses and Bloggers by staying relevant and effective on both sides.
No, we believe that the best and effective reviews are the honest blog posts. You may influence the direction but not the review.
We have all sorts of Bloggers in our database, from News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel, Personal, Technology, Business, Sports, Fashion, Events, News and more!
Blogapalooza’s Annual Event usually happens in Q3-Q4 (September – December) of every year. Small / Private Blogapaloozas can be done by a certain agreed date.

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